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Galaxy Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, and Galaxy S8 Edge Plus


Galaxy Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 is a preinstalled store created by one of the industry’s most innovative leaders, and with the upcoming launch of the GS8 it’ll be one more thing to consider. Inside of the store users can find different applications to install onto their devices. Below we’ll be talking about why you may want to use Galaxy Apps on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, Galaxy S8 Active, and the Galaxy S8 Edge Plus.

Promotional Content

The first reason why you may want to check out Galaxy Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 over Google Play or other alternatives is that Samsung may occasionally list a few different promotional apps on their platform. These apps could be discounted or even free, whilst their price on Google Play may be higher.

On top of the promoted and discounted apps, Samsung usually curates different app selections for Galaxy Apps and these curations often feature apps you may not find on Google Play. If you are looking to discover new applications then Galaxy Apps could definitely be a good spot to do it.

Downloading apps from Galaxy Apps is just as easy as doing it from the Google Play Store. Whilst the interface is different to Google Play it’s still easy enough to understand and learning to navigate it properly takes mere seconds.

Samsung Apps

Inside of Galaxy Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 there are a number of Samsung-created applications. All of these applications are either already pre-installed onto other Samsung devices or are available in the Google Play Store, but it’s easier to find all of Samsung’s applications straight from the Galaxy Apps store because they are all categorized into one section.

You can also use Galaxy Apps to update all of the Samsung applications like S Health, Smart Remote and S Calendar.

There’s no doubt that the Google Play Store is still the biggest player for Android applications but Galaxy Apps can be a useful store for finding a few different things that may be exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S8 owners.